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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are usually titanium posts held into place by powerful ligaments and are often put into a patient’s jawbone to replace a lost tooth or teeth. The post is also known as an articulating post and the implant, also called a root, is also called an articulating tooth. There are many advantages to dental implants, especially for patients that have lost a whole or partial tooth. An implant will often stay in place for a lifetime, increasing the patient’s ability to eat and speak normally.

One of the most important dental implant singapore advantages is how quickly they can heal. If a dentist severs or breaks a nearby tooth during the operation, it can take several years for the bone to fuse with the new bone. With dental implant, the tooth is simply replaced and the procedure is complete in a short period of time. Patients that have had multiple root surgeries can sometimes restore more than one-third of their original crowns. In addition, they will have many years of healthy, functional teeth instead of only having a few or broken teeth.

Some patients may experience some tooth loss due to a dental implant but this is not common. Since dental implants are typically made using biological materials that bond better with the body than traditional metals, they are much less likely to cause tooth loss. Also, the procedure is painless and produces no side effects such as infection or abscesses. If you are missing more than one tooth and are interested in replacing it with a dental implant, contact a cosmetic dentist today.

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