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What Are The Different Types And Uses Of Essential Oils?

Many types of essential oils are available in the market. These essential oils have the “essence” of the plant, their scent, flavor, and qualities. There are many medicinal uses of having an essential oil. People buy them from online websites and because there is everything one needs to know about the oils.

Here are some famous types of essential oils and the diseases they treat:

  1. Lavender oil: It can treat depression, allergies, eczema, fever, stress, headaches, and motion sickness.
  2. Tea tree oil: It is best in treating asthma, acne, skin issues, eczema, wounds, pigmentation, or any topical infection.
  3. Peppermint oil: It treats asthma, depression, headaches, concentration, and motion sickness.
  4. Lemon oil: This essential oil can treat fever, cold, flu, headaches, arthritis, high blood pressure, and fever.

There are many other types of essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, which are also best in treating other diseases. As many as they are, there are even more uses of these essential oils. Here in the following points, there is a brief of the uses of these oils:

  • To inhale: The essential oils have a great scent, and they can help in cold and flu. People rub these oils in their hands, and when they inhale the scent of the oil. It works just like the vaporub balms but is better than that. It is because these oils are good in texture, which moisturizes hands and is not sticky at all.
  • Body massage: Massage parlors use these essential oils to massage the body of the customers. People get these therapeutic massages to relieve stress and stimulate their body muscles. There are many types of oils, and they all have different types of qualities. So the massage parlors mix them to give a better feel and satisfaction.
  • Spritzers: If you are one of those who can’t use perfumes and deodorants because of their strong scent, use essential oils. People can blend these oils and use them as body scents. It will work wonders and will give a better scent. It can also act as a room freshener, as some use these oils in diffusers too.
  • Candles: If you are a fan of aromatic candles, then you can use these oils in candles too. The candles will burn and look good while giving the scent that people like. They can set the mood and help in concentration, and to help with anxiety. Some people have seen their mood lift with scents and candles, so if you want to try, this is a very affordable option.
  • Blankets: Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Anyone can rub these oils on the blankets and get a nice sleep. People buy these from the health care websites like as they help get the best one and best quality.


At last, buy these essential oils and always check if they are of good brands. A reputable brand promises the best quality, and only a good quality product can get all the required benefits.

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