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Do Laser Combs Actually Work?

Gone are the days when combs were just for smoothening and detangling hair. More recently, combs are manufactured with laser technology to enhance hair growth. Different companies and brands are all over the internet marketing a new comb that stimulates hair growth. This causes many people to wonder if it really works!

Hair growth, just like any other aspect of growth, occur in stages. When one is young, hair grows faster, but as one grows older, hair growth gradually recedes. Especially for men, hair growth slows naturally around age 40. These combs stimulate hair growth- we’ll explore whether it lives up to expectations.

What Is a Laser Comb?

A laser comb is a battery-powered, handheld device that eliminates hair loss with laser diodes. The comb uses low-level laser therapy to make hair grow thicker and denser. The more laser diodes a laser comb has, the more effective it is expected to be.

Generally, people use laser combs for hair growth. It is used to enhance the condition of thinning hair, and is an effective alternative to other expensive options like hair replacement.

Do Laser Combs Work?

Credible research suggests that laser therapy has beneficial effects on hair regrowth in both men and women. Photo biomodulation, also called low-laser light therapy, is known to go deeper than some other treatments that only operate on the surface. Low-light therapy transmits light at a 680 nm wavelength.

The wavelength of laser combs makes it possible for the treatment to penetrate deep enough to get to the hair follicles. This laser therapy stimulates cellular cycles to replenish inactive cells within the hair follicles. This is an effective solution because, when hair roots are exposed to laser diodes, it enhances blood flow. Enhanced blood flow gives the hair more nutrition to grow faster.


Low-light therapy slows down and reverses the process of miniaturization, which causes most hair loss cases. The stimulation effect of laser combs makes it possible to slow down miniaturization. When the hair follicles are in better condition, hair grows stronger and thicker on the head. It also ensures a reduced rate of hair fall.

With low-light therapy, hair follicles can work more actively and produce denser hair.

While a laser comb has lesser laser diodes compared to some other laser devices, the teeth are an advantage. The teeth of a laser comb separate hair so it can’t block the light from penetrating the scalp.

Simply put: Laser combs stimulate hair growth and treat hair thinning. It makes hair grow thicker and fuller by reactivating hair follicles that are alive but are getting weaker.

How To Use a Laser Comb

Laser combs like VERT give you visible results after just three weeks of usage. Different laser comb brands recommend different use frequencies, ranging from daily use or thrice a week treatment. You should use the comb for about 20 minutes per treatment.

To get the best results, it is important to use laser combs continually.


Laser combs are an effective way of enhancing hair growth- they are also easy to use. To add volume to your hair without breaking the bank, contact PRAIMY now and get your laser comb.

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