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How you can develop brain fog

Brain health isn’t essential only to mental capacity. It’s also paramount to emotional wellbeing since your thoughts and feelings are intimately connected. For you to feel good, you have to think good. Muddled thinking, prolonged mental fatigue, and difficulty focusing are examples of brain fog. For you to burn out these effects, the Sage Nutrients can help.

Brain fog isn’t a real health problem but an emblematic of something else happening in your body. Here are some of the common factors contributing to fuzzy thinking and brain fog in your body. 

Mental fuzziness and hormonal changes

It’s common to have hormonal transitions at all stages in your life. Examples are during post-partum, pregnancy, and unexpected lifestyle and environmental changes. These periods will leave your brain confused and fuzzy. Fluctuating hormone levels can result in poor sleeping habits and mood changes. They will contribute to foggy head feelings as your body tries to restore balance.

Sex hormones in men and women affect cognition. It’s the reason why older men with low testosterone levels struggle with brain fog. 60% of middle-aged women experience menopause brain fog. 

Medical conditions and medications

Many of the over the counter drugs like allergy drugs affect your brain. It can’t use well the neurotransmitter chemicals essential to make quick decisions. Depression and chronic fatigue can also cause brain fog. You need to discuss any brain fog worry with a medical specialist to help you overcome it. The loss of motivation and energy linked to mental health issues affects the brain. The psychological brain effects make it hard for the brain to function well. Don’t live with stress and depression. Seek help! 


Your brain needs many essential minerals and nutrients to fuel the neurological processes. Lack of enough proper fuel makes your brain’s proverbial gas tank run on fumes. It leads to fuzzy thinking and loss of focus.

Is your diet having the nutritional foundation that the brain needs? You will have to use supplements to boost optimal cognitive functioning. The supplements need to be natural for the brain fog, to fill the dietary gaps. Vitamin B12 controls blood cells formation and maintenance of the central nervous system. Lack of vitamin B12 will impair energy levels and release fatigue feelings. Insufficient vitamin D can also lead to brain fog. 

Chronic stress

In Britain, three out of four adults struggle with chronic stress. Chronic stress will change your brain structure and affect your brain’s neurotransmitter and hormone levels. They result in high mental fatigue and poor focus. You need to learn to reduce stress via medication, dietary changes, or exercise. 

Heavy metal exposure

Heavy metals in life surround us at all times. They are in food, beauty products, and teeth fillings. Though they may not be harmful at low levels, they can end in high exposure with time. You need to test your body for heavy metals to ensure you have a toxin-free body. These heavy metals are mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, cesium, and thallium. High metal levels lead to:

  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Brain fog
  • High blood pressure
  • Immune dysfunction.

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