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Things You Need Before Getting Aesthetic Services

There is a lot of information out there about how to prepare for aesthetic treatments, but we’ve compiled the most important things you need before scheduling your first appointment.

These few things are essential

  1. A list of all medications currently being taken

Your aesthetic provider will need to know what medications you are taking. It is especially important for those who have prescriptions daily, as it can affect how our skin reacts to treatments and the results we see from them.

It’s also very important that you let your aesthetic practitioner know if you’ve been on any new prescription or over-the-counter drugs recently because these may interact with certain procedures. If this has happened before scheduling your appointment, reschedule so that nothing goes wrong during treatment. The coolsculpting singapore price can vary from patient to patient so make sure you get a quote based on your unique situation.

  1. A list of your current skin concerns

Do you have fine lines, deep wrinkles, or acne? Maybe dark spots are what’s holding you back from getting the treatment that will finally give your skin a boost. It’s important to be straightforward with your aesthetic provider about any problems you’d like them to address because they’re professionals who know how certain procedures can affect each client differently.

They’ll also be able to provide recommendations for other treatments if necessary based on their expertise and knowledge about which services work best for correcting whatever issues brought you in initially.

  1. A list of your experience with aesthetic procedures

If you’ve had a treatment before, it’s always good to let the person who is going to be doing that service know about it in advance so they can consider everything when planning out what will happen during your appointment. For example, suppose someone has been receiving chemical peels for years, and their skin responds very well to them. In that case, an aesthetic practitioner should take this into account because there could potentially be less downtime than usual.

  1. Your desired results

It is where you get to be specific about what you’re hoping to accomplish through aesthetic treatments! Whether your main goal is brightening the skin, reducing fine lines, or clearing up acne, this information can help guide your provider on which services they should recommend for you and how often those procedures should be performed. In other words, clear communication between yourself and your aesthetic practitioner will lead to better overall treatment outcomes.

  1. Your budget

Everyone has a different spending limit, and it’s important to share your financial expectations with your provider. This way, they’ll be able to provide you options that fit within the parameters of what you’re willing and able to spend on aesthetic services. It will also help them figure out which treatments are worth doing because if something isn’t in line with what you can afford, then there is no point wasting time or money on trying for an unrealistic result.

  1. Any allergies or sensitivities

Whether it’s a medication you’re taking, an ingredient in your skincare products, or something that was just recently added to the environment around you (like pollen), any allergy can cause adverse reactions on our skin and result in redness, irritation, and inflammation.

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