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What is the picture that comes to your mind when you think about people who do acid or mushrooms, or smoke weed every day? I know what most of you might think of. Let me paint a picture of the kind of person you are thinking of. Someone who lives on minimum wage or is probably jobless, sitting on his couch and extremely unfit and not doing much in life right? While this image of a person is not completely unwarranted, and you probably shouldn’t take these substances every day. But there are people out there who are dabbling with these substances on a daily and not only are active, healthy and successful but it is an entire subculture in the Silicon Valley and among artists. A lot of uber successful people are getting on the bandwagon of micro dosing and there are interesting studies showing its benefits. These days people can buy weed online and a lot of people think this makes a lot of people get high everyday more easily than before, now they are not entirely wrong about this but think about this, if you drink alcohol and it is available in most stores in almost all parts of the world does that make you drink everyday all day. Let’s look at this culture of micro dosing and what it is all about.


Micro dosing is basically taking any substance like LSD or mushroom or MDMA in just enough amounts where it barely affects you, a lot of people can’t really call themselves to be high while they are micro dosing, the quantity is just enough where it can affect your brain activity but keeps you functional.


If you are thinking that people micro dose to trip daily, you are wrong. The quantity is so small that you will barely enjoy it. A lot of people have different reasons for doing it. Some of the most common reasons is that it boosts productivity especially in the world of art and creativity. It helps their thought to be more free-flowing and creative, while people in the Silicon Valley say it helps boost their productivity at work and helps make better decisions. Some people suffering from anxiety or panic attacks say that it helps these feelings and makes them more comfortable while talking to people.


A lot of people have different ways to consuming these substances, some people mix the LSD in their morning bowl of cereal like it’s a normal part of the day. While some people take it as a tablet like it’s part of their medication. Now it is clear that taking these substances boost creativity and brain function, but it is not clear about the health effects of doing this for long time. There hasn’t been enough research on the effects of micro dosing over long periods of time to know correctly the effects.

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